Friday, April 29, 2011

"Happily Ever After..." The Truth...

...In reality, love is really nothing but a mythical concept used to describe the euphoria felt when an intimate bond between two people is nurtured with some aspect of comfort or contentment from both sides. This "feeling" can be interpreted in a familial sense, a friendly companionship, or in a relationship with a significant other. Some people take the stories they hear about this fairytale love with some white knight that comes and rescues the damsel in distress and they live "Happily Ever After..." in love to heart. The fact of the matter is that this "fairytale love" does not exist. After the newness of the beginning of a relationship where all the "getting to know you" happens wears off, there is nothing left but two people who were raised in different backgrounds with different morals who are trying to find a way to coexist. The fondness that they have built for one another is what they now refer to as "love" and sometimes that is not enough to hold people together. Most people do not escape the breakup unscathed and are heartbroken and lost because they are without that comfortableness they mistook for "love." The point of this is... don't waste your life looking for that non-existent fairytale. Take advantage of the here and now and embrace it with your very soul. The bonds that you have formed that are strong enough to be mistaken for love are all you get in this life. Your soulmate is the one that you feel most comfortable and most like yourself around, someone you can be happy with despite the lack of shining armor and "happily ever after..."

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