Monday, March 14, 2011

The Little Guy

Hello, can you see me? I am the little guy.
I am the “work my ass off to pay YOUR bills” guy.
I am your “blame it on him” guy,
Your “let him take the fall” guy.
I am the guy that catches your shit
When it rolls downhill,
I am the guy that holds up the morals
That you use as a landfill.

You can’t see me, but I am the little guy.
I am your everyday nine to five guy,
Working too much overtime guy,
Paying almost half my check to taxes guy.
I am the one that keeps you rich
While I struggle to stay alive,
And I am the one that starves
So your corporate accounts can thrive.

You don’t know me, but I am the little guy.
I am the “risk my life for you” guy,
The take a bullet for you guy,
The give my blood so you can have power guy.
I am the one who goes into battle
In the name of your prosperity,
To overcome your opposition for you,
No matter what the extent of severity.

You try to ignore me, I am the little guy,
I am the “getting screwed by Medicare” guy,
The losing my Social Security guy,
The “worked for all these years but I have no retirement” guy.
I am the guy that gets laid off
When you decide to cut your budget
Or withdrawl your government  funding
To ensure your wartime profit.

I am still surviving, ME, the little guy.
I am the overcoming all odds guy,
The smile in the face of hardship guy,
The “going to make it regardless of your tyranny” guy.
I will fight your oppression,
I will resist your mind control,
I will spread my message of freedom
And you will never take my soul…

By: Valerie Wells

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  1. I like it. I really feel major corporations have forgotten "the little guy"