Friday, March 11, 2011

Something To Think About...    ...So Japan made history today, and not in a good way. I was watching some YouTube videos this morning that showed footage of the effects... devastating...8.9 earthquake and then a tsunami. My heart goes out to the families of those lost in this horrific disaster. This whole ordeal got me thinking though, for just a moment, about how short life really is. How uncertain and unreliable life is. Yet we live our lives everyday as if we can all predict the future. We plan to do things at future times, believing there will be time for that later. We believe that there will be time later to mend broken relationships, time later to take that vacation, time later to settle down and have a family. But what if there wasn't time later? What if we were in a situation like Japan and all of the sudden everything around us including ourselves broke into instant chaos? What would you regret not doing? If life as you know it were ripped away from you in an instant, what would you wish you would have done? I bet that ironically, it would be the little things that you thought wouldn't matter. Like "I wish I would have kissed my wife goodbye this morning when I left for work," or " I wish I wouldn't have had that argument with my daughter before she went to school," or maybe even "Maybe I should have let that guy buy me a drink the other night." I am not sure what my wish-I-would-have would be, but I know it wouldn't be "I wish I could have checked my facebook one more time," or "I wish I would have seen that last episode of American Idol," or even "I wish I would have made it to that last sale at the mall." I bet yours wouldn't be either. So why do we spend so much of our time and energy doing things that wouldn't matter and putting off the things that would? Why do we ignore the things important to us instead of taking advantage of each and every minute doing the things that make us truly happy and the things that really matter?


  1. We, as a people don't live for future events or even what should matter most right now. We are the only species on earth that have the ability to change life as we know it. Instead we live for the right here, right now, self gratification. I live my life spending as much time with my daughter, enjoying every possible second. I tell me mom I love her everynight. I hug and kiss my little girl everynight before bedtime and I make sure that she knows that I love her more than life its self. I'm by no means in perfect health so I take every opportunity to cherish every second, every moment and everyday with Kyleigh. When my days come to an end, Kyleigh and everyone who knows me will remember that my world revolved around my little princess.

    I'd like to take a moment to send my deepest heart felt condolences to every person in Japan who has lost a loved one.

  2. I've always wondered what my last I-wish would be, but my guess is it would probably be I wish I had more time. :D